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Date: 07 Sep 2009 08:52:00
Title: On the way...

05:27.00N 073:05.00E

Bryan's message from Aroha - 6 am this morning

Still making good progress.  Steady breeze on beam.  Sea flat behind atoll.  I snoozed quite well......

Helen writes...after finally sorting out the paperwork in Maldives, Bryan, Nik and Joff have settled into their routine for the next two weeks.  Bryan sent a text yesterday as they were headed out of the North Male atoll to say a sailing master class was underway.  Not sure if that was Bryan being the teacher or the student!!

They encountered a squall within a few hours of leaving anchor.  Wind reached 32 knots accompanied by some rain.  The squall passed over in 10 -15 minutes so reckon it was a good learning experience for the new crew to find out what the squalls are like before night hit. During the day the squalls don't represent too much of a problem.  You can see them several miles off.  They usually form huge black clouds and you can see the rain sheets below them.  They move in pretty fast though and once they hit winds will pick up from 10-12 knots to over 30 in a matter of minutes.  At night they can be picked up on the radar, showing as pink patches on the screen, but not quite the same as seeing them for yourself.

Hopefully the squalls should start to lessen once they get into open water, but I am back in my role as ground support for weather so will be keeping an eye on what is happening on the way.

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