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Date: 09 Sep 2009 17:26:52
Title: Rocking n rolling..

07:57.00N 71:49.00E

Helen writes....Aroha and her able crew are making steady but slow progress back but are being hampered by an uncomfortable swell and the the wind persisting from the direction they are trying to head!  At present they are having to sail more northerly than intended to avoid sailing directly into the wind.  The good news is that the wind is forecast to begin to sweep round to a more south westerly direction and, a few more degrees north, the wind will drop further to a comfortable 10-15 knots.  This should allow Bryan to start bringing the boat round onto a more desirable (i.e. direct) course.

Unfortunately, computer problems are hampering the sending and receiving of mail and blog updates.  This also means that Bryan cannot get the weather files updated so I am providing these remotely and sending SMS messages to pass on.

It is a long trip back.  We were surprised when in Chagos to learn that many of the "long term" yachties tended to do passages of a week to 10 days.  Depending on destination, it is usually possible to undertake hops betwen destinations to break up the long home runs.  Maldives to Chagos, on the other hand, is open water most of the way.  There are some Indian islands (Laccadives) north of Maldives, but you need special permission to land here.  Other than that it is a long wide open stretch of water with nothing else in between. 

The biggest problem/challenge is with an uncomfortable swell there is little that you can do to keep entertained.  Reading, watching DVD's etc can all make you feel quite ill, even if you have your sea legs!

Some good news on the home front at least - the job hunt is going well - 1 interview already this week and another tomorrow.  I am busy networking on Bryan's behalf too, but think I am scaring him when I say I will have a job for him by the time he gets back!!

Fingers crossed that the boys get better sea conditions over the next few days....

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