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Date: 28 Jul 2009 08:51:24
Title: All Smooth Sailing

1:52.82S 72:54.93E

Bryan writes...

The sea is smooth, the sun is out, and we are making good progress motor sailing. At this rate, we will arrive in Gan, Maldives, at the crack of dawn tomorrow, in time to get us over the coral into the anchorage on the high tide.

We are all looking forward to being back in 'civilisation'. To all of us and especially to me (as I spent so much time in Gan before) it feels nice going to a familiar place again. It's a secure and sheltered anchorage, and we don't have to go through the learning curve of finding groceries, fuel, etc. Erin is looking forward to fries and ice cream, although I'm not sure if on the same plate. Helen and I are simply looking forward to someone else cooking and tidying up, in some of the restaurants.

We plan on spending about three days there- enough time to clear in and get our cruising permit, rent motor scooters again, and catch up with a few friends we met passing through last time. Then we'll hop our way up north up the Atolls towards Male.

We know that our time in the Maldives will be quite different from anything else on the trip so far. We plan to mix up our time between deserted islands, local harbours, and a couple of days in a resort further north. Hopefully our planned thirty five day stay won't put too much time pressure on us between Gan and Male. It will likely seem hectic though after the last five weeks in Chagos where we managed only two anchorages about three miles apart!

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